About Dr. Mom

A Nicer Time Together

Most diaper rash creams include zinc oxide, which can be messy and difficult to remove, often causing further irritation to baby’s delicate skin.

Dr. Mom Butt Balm® is different.

It goes on smooth, and it’s easy to remove.

And since Dr. Mom Butt Balm® includes spearmint oil, it smells fresh and feels great as it soothes your baby’s irritated skin.

Dr. Mom Butt Balm® makes diaper change time a nicer time together for you and your baby.

Dr. Mom Butt Balm® was created by Dr. Jessica Whittle, a real mom and doctor, after spending countless nights awake with her infant son, who was suffering from diaper rash.

Dr. Whittle tried every product she could find on the shelf, but she could never find something that provided consistent relief from diaper rash.

That’s when she went to work.

Experimenting with various product combinations in her own kitchen, Dr. Whittle developed the formula for Dr. Mom Butt Balm® using over-the-counter ingredients that are frequently recommended by dermatologists, but are not currently available together.

After finding success using her formula to treat her own son’s diaper rash, Dr. Whittle was driven to make sure her formula was available to any mom and baby struggling with sleepless nights due to diaper rash.

She perfected and finalized the formula with experienced dermatologists, and thus, Dr. Mom Butt Balm® was born!