Don’t Let Diaper Rash Come Between You and Your Baby

Diaper rash can be one of the worst experiences your little one has to go through, and keeping their delicate skin happy and healthy shouldn’t require a spatula to apply thick, goopy treatments that can be just as irritating and uncomfortable.

Use just a small amount of Dr. Mom Butt Balm to help soothe your baby’s skin and feel good about making the right choice.

Dr. Mom Butt Balm is a pediatrician approved skin protectant, free of dyes, preservatives, and Zinc-Oxide.

Nothing comes between you and your baby—not even diaper rash.

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Developed By A Real Doctor And Mom.

Dr. Mom Butt Balm® was invented by a real doctor when she couldn’t find anything effective enough to treat her son’s persistent diaper rash.