Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Diaper Rash Skin Protectants Are There?

Moisturizer Type Creams are gentle, but often not as protective for a baby’s sensitive skin as they could be.

Barrier Ointments are more effective at protecting a baby from acidic waste, but they are difficult to remove, and tend to be “goopy”, with a strong odor.

Why Does A Baby Need A Diaper Rash Product?

The gastrointestinal waste from a baby can be more acidic than that of older children or adults. This acidic waste output can be very irritating on a child’s naturally sensitive skin.

What Are The Most Common Problems With Diaper Creams?

Most diaper creams are very difficult to remove, resulting in a lot of excessive wiping on the baby’s skin. If the skin is already irritated, this can significantly increase your baby’s discomfort.

What Are The Downsides To Zinc Oxide in Diaper Creams?

Zinc oxide is a common ingredient in many diaper rash creams because it’s thick and water insoluble. However, since zinc oxide is extremely thick and goopy, zinc oxide-based diaper rash creams are often messy and difficult to wipe off a child.

What’s a Better Alternative to Zinc Oxide?

The base ingredients to Dr. Mom Butt Balm® are breathable. They create a protective barrier for baby’s skin while still allowing the skin to breathe, and moisture to get through as needed.

This makes it easier to wipe off, and not hurt when it goes on or off.

What’s the Benefit of Dimethicone in Dr. Mom Butt Balm®?

The formula for Dr. Mom Butt Balm® includes Dimethicone because its silky texture makes it gentle as you wipe on and off. The smooth texture of dimethicone also helps prevent the diaper from sticking to the baby’s skin.

What Are The Problems with Dyes and Preservatives in Diaper Rash Creams?

Dyes and preservatives can lead to allergic reactions and irritation, an increasingly common issue for many babies.

Every unnecessary ingredient you can eliminate is a good thing. That’s why the formula for Dr. Mom Butt Balm® is kept as simple as possible, ensuring the only substances that come into contact with your baby’s skin are those that are beneficial or absolutely necessary.

What Makes Dr. Mom Butt Balm® Better Than Other Diaper Rash Products?

When applied to baby’s skin, Dr. Mom Butt Balm® is soothing. That means fewer tears and a nicer time together.

Dr. Mom Butt Balm® comes off easily. It’s formulated in a way that allows skin to breathe, air to circulate, and to maintain an optimal skin protectant, for skin health.

What Gives Dr. Mom Butt Balm® its Pleasant Scent?

It contains a small amount of spearmint oil, which has a pleasant scent, and skin soothing properties that are valuable for the baby.

How Does Dr. Mom Butt Balm® Make Mom’s Life Easier?

Dr. Mom Butt Balm® goes on and comes off easily. It’s safe, comfortable, and smells nice. It makes diaper change time a more pleasant experience for mom and baby.